On August 9, 2016 the club held an assembly on membership.
Ralph Montesanto and Jan Southall shared the results of an informal club survey and new Rotary membership rules. It was noted that as a way of encouraging buys professionals to participate Rotary has become more relaxed on the traditional rules about attendance.
The club survey found that:
  • Rotarians find they get the greatest benefit from the club’s Community Service with the opportunity to build friendships and community relationships at a close second and third.
  • Almost all club members participate in the annual Lobsterfest and Fireworks events with the Shredding Day and Stars of Dundas also being major activities
  • Members enjoy the social activities and would like to see more BBQs and pub nights as opportunities to get to know one another
Ralph Montesanto and the Membership Committee (Steve Roblin, Marnee Maroes, Grant Armstrong and Jan Southall) then lead the club through a brainstorming of ways to engage new leaders to join Rotary. Through this the club identified a desire for more social activities that break the traditional meeting mold, the importance of having interesting speakers and inviting non-members to join, and the importance of not overwhelming members.
The Membership Committee will take this feedback and consider a plan forward.
Next week: Reclaim your space by clearing the clutter with Judy Rickey