Zucchini, peas, marigolds and woodchips? As every gardener knows, things grow better when there are no weeds. So this team of Rotarians gathered at the Sunrise Rotary Garden at St. Mark’s to help the gardeners by tamping down those pesky weeds.
All the paths between and around the 52 beds have been lined with fresh woodchips and all the weeds around the perimeter have been whacked. Several hours of sweat equity should really help the gardeners who contribute 50% of their efforts to the local food banks. 
Thanks team Rotary –  Derek Price the club vocational service director for organizing this activity and to the team: Ken, Ralph, Ross, Roger, Glen, Dave, Derek, Kathy, and Barb Montesanto (garden administrator).
During these COVID-19 times when fundraising is down the club is pursuing more hands on sweat equity projects. 
Service above Self.