Born and raised in Dundas, Ralph may be the best investment Rotary ever made. He attended Parkside High School and at graduation received a Rotary bursary. Ralph has been paying this back many, many times over the course of twenty years with his leadership, enthusiasm and boundless energy for all things Rotary.

Ralph has not only been president of the DVSRC, he has also been an Assistant governor, and a District governor for D7090. He administered polio vaccine in India, was a visiting Rotarian to China, Haiti, Nepal, New Zealand, and Australia, a delegate to at least 6 R.I. conventions, and a district facilitator and trainer as well as a Youth Exchange and Group Study Exchange host.

Throughout these 20 years, he remains a dedicated lead of and giver to countless local club projects and causes. Peppy, persuasive, personable, Ralph is one of a kind and we are most fortunate to have him as a leader in Dundas.