Joel Hilchey and Brandon Love spoke about the Beanstalk Project, a local initiative aimed at leadership development for students. Demonstrating how the program works Joel and Brandon lead the club in an exciting creativity exercise designed to bring out bigger and better ideas. They left members with a firm grasp of their creativity guidelines:
1.     Quantity first: If you want to catch a fish you go to the pond with the most fish. Just like creativity, if you want a good idea start by coming up with a lot of ideas (good and bad);
2.     Silly is good: Thinking of silly ideas gets you out of your mold and lets you consider new ways to solve problems. If you never think silly you’ll never think differently;
3.     Make connections: Good ideas build off of each other. Once you’ve started the ball rolling use those first ideas to come up with other ideas; and
4.     No judgment: Creativity grows best in a safe space with no judgement. Separate your creativity and your criticism so that you can truly let you creative side run wild.
Brandon and Joel invited the club to keep in touch with them and whether you need inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, want to bring them in as speakers for your business or just want to say hi.
Brandon and Joel have also written a book called Brainsprouting that outlines their simple process to unleash your inherent creative power. Learn more and buy it here