Bill talked about his rewarding career with the RCMP. He was born in Saskatchewan in 1944. His father was in the Air Force and his mother’s family were farmers. Bill grew up on bases all over the country and joined the RCMP in 1964. He joined Rotary in 2001 courtesy of sponsor Ralph Montesanto. He first met his wife Marilyn as child. They won first prize as a bride and groom in a Halloween costume contest when they were about 5 years old. Their families moved apart soon after though.
His family moved to Camp Borden and as a teenager he met Bobby Curtola. Bill was active in Cubs and youth groups and then trained in Ottawa for the Mounties in 1964 and had a 32 year career with the RCMP. He was initially stationed on Vancouver Island and very soon after his arrival played an instrumental role in solving a murder. It was on vacation in Belleville that he re-met Marilyn and they were soon married. At the time he was stationed in Prince Rupert. Their first child, Theresa, was born in BC and was followed by Grant and Lynne.
During his time with the RCMP he spent some time in England working on a large car theft case. In the early 80s he was working in Windsor and collaborated with the FBI on a case that was related to the Air India case. As a reward for the work that they did on another case with international implications he and his family were given a trip to the White House. After retiring from the RCMP Bill worked in Security Services at McMaster.