Beverley Yates is the manager of Margaret's Place Hospice at St. Joseph's Villa in Dundas. The doors opened to patients September 7 and the vision of hospice care became a reality. When they began, everyone was excited and honoured to be entrusted with end of life care.
The hospice is now fully staffed and everyone is committed to hospice life.  Over 60 volunteers have gone through training and provide volunteer support 12 hours a day (8am-8pm) 7 days a week. Beverley also announced that the 4 respite beds for caregivers were opened on November 1. The purpose of these beds is to provide up to 14 days of rest and relief to individuals who are caregivers to palliative patients.

Beverley then shared a series of oral snapshots of life at Margaret’s Place.
Keeping to the principle of “we fulfill a patient’s needs” Beverly gave the example of her sourcing sushi in a local grocery store because that was the request of the family on behalf of the patient. Although Beverley herself was not a sushi aficionado, she was successful and the next day she learned that the patient was most grateful to have had “the best sushi ever”. Clearly the staff wants to go that extra mile.
Margaret’s Place aspires to be a home rooted in love and care in accordance with the philosophy and teachings of the Sisters of St. Joseph’s.
Patients may stay for a number of weeks, but sometimes they have only a few days remaining in life. When a patient dies the hospice has a “Going Away Ceremony” that involves an honour guard, a special quilt and a solemn procession that celebrates the end of life journey.
Several other stories.
A patient prior to referral to Margaret's Place had been unable to have regular bathtub bathing. Now that he was at the hospice he was able to use the large Jacuzzi twice a day because there was the help and care available. A luxury.
When the hospice was designed, the plan was that the patio space would allow patients to be outside, to feel the joy of nature. And now it was happening.
This same patient was able to make a video of 5 deer that came up from the ravine and the next day he shared this video with his grandson. A very special moment.