Posted by Ralph Montesanto on Sep 10, 2019
Ben Wark, Page, Ontario Legislature
Bob Morrow along with Art Samson were instrumental in getting Ben Wark, a grade 8 student to speak about his experience as a Page at the Ontario Parliament.
Bob also invited Sandy Shaw MPP and Ted McMeekin past MPP who saw Ben in action and were recipients of Ben’s waiter service as he delivered water to them.
Bob asked Ben a series of questions. Here are Ben’s answers. 
He was chosen  when in grade 7 through an application process that involved writing an essay. There are 24 Pages – 12 boys and 12 girls. He wore a 3-piece suit when on duty and his term was 5 weeks from 8 am to 4:30 or 6 pm. Ben stayed with friends of his parents in Toronto and took the subway. One of his first jobs was to look at all the photos of the MPPs and clerks and memorize their names, seating position and ministerial duties. His most memorable task was to help deliver the provincial budget package that he said the Pages did in less than one minute. 
Ben missed 5 weeks of school but on the days when he finished at 4:30 took math classes. Ben really enjoyed being a Page even though he was to always keep a straight face and not laugh even when something funny was said. Each day the Pages would parade into the House from the Speaker’s office to the chamber, assume their positions in the chamber (some would go to the east and west lobbies or press gallery), always keep their back to the Speaker and stand when the Speaker stood.
Part of Ben’s presentation included slides of his 5-weeks as a Page at the Ontario Legislature.
Kathy Starodub thanked Ben for his presentation and had him sign a children’s book that will be donated to the First Nations library.