Paul and Jennifer Powell-Fralick from Antigua Book Collection are both educators who live in Dundas. They first went to Antigua in the 1980's. Paul, an ECE Professor at Mohawk College was there conducting trainee support workshops in conjunction with The University of the West Indies.
They soon took an interest in a student-initiated project where they worked as volunteers in Island preschools.
In 2014  the Fralick  family  went back to Antigua and connected with two of their colleagues who work as educators at Sir Luther Wynter preschool and Vila  Primary School.
During their visits they discovered a lack of good quality literacy material. Many of the book were tattered and missing pages. They saw children who were keen to learn and interested in reading but realized there were few books in the classrooms. At that moment they realized the need for better literacy material, and the Antigua Book Collection was born.
Their goal, is to collect kindergarten to grade 8 books and send them to Villa Primary School and send books and educational play material to Sir Luther Wynter, in St. Johns Antigua.
With help from Steve Roblin from the Dundas Valley Sunrise Rotary and other members of our  community they plan to send 4 barrels of books and school supplies to these schools.
Sir William Osler School in Dundas is also on board. Principal Tim Illman kicked of family literacy week by holding a book drive which will continue until Valentine day.
More info go to Paul Fralick: