According to Alan Hansell the Executive Director of the Stewards of Cootes Watershed, we  “do the obvious” – clean up the watershed and keep it clean. They’ve changed advocacy from pointing fingers to doing something about the pollution found in Cootes watershed. The group supervises over 40 clean-ups per year in Cootes and another 40 in the Red Hill Creek watershed.
Since the program began five and a half years ago in the Cootes watershed we have put a lot of volunteer hours in and pulled a lot of garbage out. Check out our statistics for Cootes Watershed cleanups below:
Stewards of Cootes Watershed Volunteers:
Have been to: 258 Cleanup Events
Have worked hard for:12,272 Hours in the field
Volunteers have come out: 4,227 Times
Removing an impressive amount of…
Garbage Bags: 10,826 Bags
Old  Tires: 726 Tires
Grocery Carts: 240 Carts
Pounds of Rubble: 173,365 lbs
Pounds of Scrap metal: 67,167 lbs
Making a total amount of… 419,366 lbs Total!
They have recovered some real legacy items, like a set of tires than could have been about 100 years old. He was enthusiastic about a clean-up on Earth Day as, at that time of year, discarded objects are more visible as the undergrowth hasn’t started to grow yet. They had no clean-ups at all in 2020 due to Covid. Even this year, his group will not be formally running the Earth Day event. They will help with the organization however. Our club will need to provide groups of volunteers (usually 6 per group) and get the volunteers to their site.