March 7, 2017 - Dave Carson, club member and Treasurer of Environment Hamilton, presented the club with an update on the Ontario Green Gas Progress Report. Dave's talk built off of a topic that he wrote about recently for the Hamilton Spectator Article. Dave spoke to the progress that has been made so far against the province's plan to reduce Green House Gases by 30% by the end of 2030. Dave noted that this is a low target and even still we are producing 815mega tones of Carbon Dioxide which puts us 55% behind the prediction.
But the impacts are worse than we thought, we are seeing increased temperatures and are recording the highest levels of CO2 in the atmosphere all due to burning fossil fuels! In 1750 the recorded CO2 was 280 ppm in 2016 we recorded a frightening 416 ppm. 
Emissions are increasing and with this increase will come severe weather changes and increased Global temperature! If we continue on this path we will reach the dangerous 2° increase in 2years.

We are getting close to the tipping point!

With permafrost in the Arctic melting at alarming rates we are seeing our oceans getting warmer each year. Given that our oceans act as the moderator of our global temperatures we are increasingly seeing dramatic increases! 
Failure to act now means a larger cost in the Future! We have to stop subsidizing  the fossil fuel industry, stop wetland destruction and stop Urban Sprawl
Dave emphasized that the government and investment companies are placing their support in the wrong  places! Instead of subsidizing the Oil industry they should be investing in Green Power. We are missing out on a great opportunity,  Canada could be the leader in Green energy! We could be building  solar panels and wind turbines, exporting this product which would also create jobs.

Dave says "Its Not Too Late"

We have to get ready to adapt!
We have to all be Environmentalists and reduce our Carbon Footprint!
We have to speak up and challenge our politicians to make a change !
We have to do it now  so there is a world left for our young people!