It was a wonderful morning …. VERY spring-like and welcoming. We greeted the “family” of Mieke Ewen – her father and her uncle, Thijmen, who was our guest speaker.  It was just a lovely morning to celebrate life.
Happy Dollars included:
Bruce- who shot an 81 at Copetown Woods, a score never to be repeated….well done, Bruce.
Mary Lou is back! Looking good, feeling healthy, and welcomed joyously.  Derek Price is just back from Europe, visiting his sister.  Ken Beel is back from a car ride across much of the US southwest with a focus on Baton Rouge (architecture), San Antonio (engineering) and New Mexico (horseback riding).
Steve Roblin injured his back playing golf on Mothers' Day. His wife says that's why!
It was nice to see five club members attending the Club Leadership Training (aka District Assembly) on the week-end….from all reports it was a huge success.

Kevin Davis from the Brantford AM club brought happiness in that he felt our potatoes were better than those at the Brantford Golf and Country Club.  Kevin noted that his namesake – Kevin Crouse – will be moving to Nova Scotia at the end of the month.  He also wanted to share with us their new fundraiser and encouraged us to visit the website for their mud run … which they hope to market across Canada [mud run in a box – you had to be there!] 
Glen and Bill and Shirley - still looking for volunteers in the kitchen for Lobster Dinner and for serving at the buffet table.

Harold hobbled back after visiting five baseball stadiums in five days
Scott Vance is happy that the skating season is over
Jessica - thanked people for filling in for people this morning on various duties – Bill Armstrong, George Gould, and others
Ken Beel - needs a leader to take over the gate to collect money
Waterdown Rotary Club is sponsoring a golf tournament on June 1 – Carlisle Golf Course – so, all you golf aficionados….please consider joining them for this event.  Further details from the lovely Wendy Hickey at 905 – 689 – 3739 or
Next week will be a club assembly to focus on the administrivia associated with the Fireworks and the Lobster Dinner.
Next week, on Tuesday evening, is a board meeting at 100 Pleasant Avenue, Dundas, beginning at 6.30 p.m.